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Swimming Pool Mosaic Tiles

Distributed by Mosaic Tile Supply, these outstanding mosaic tile sheets are available in a variety of styles and designs and are perfect for adding a touch of character to any space. They are specifically designed for use in swimming pools and can make your pool look like the best on the block with an outstanding variety of mosaic tile options to choose from. Browse through the available selection online today and make the right choice for your décor’s needs today!

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Ex Vat: £3.30
From the Harmonie range of Waxman Ceramic products comes the Clairiere Gloss Swimming Pool Mosaic..
Ex Vat: £7.13
Cobalto is a deep blue frosted glass mosaic tile from the Lugano range, with a speckle white fini..
Ex Vat: £1.41
From the Waxman Ceramics Harmonie range, and coming to you from Mosaic Tile, are the..
Ex Vat: £8.94
One of the most popular mosaics in this range, the golden streaks highlight the black glass body ..
Ex Vat: £5.53
The Light blue mosaic from the foggy Niebla range of frosted glass mosaics varies in colour inten..
Ex Vat: £3.10
A sheet of Ceramic Pastel Mix External Swiming Pool Mosaic tiles is made up of 132 mixed coloured..
Ex Vat: £2.60
The Pivoine Gloss Swimming Pool Exterior Mosaic Floor Tile, made by Waxman Ceramics and available..
Ex Vat: £9.40
Ex Vat: £12.10
Here is the matt finished version of the white mosaic tile from the Ceramic Pool range. With a sm..
Ex Vat: £1.80
The Lavende Gloss mosaic tile from Mosaic Tile, made by Waxman Ceramics. A light blu..
Ex Vat: £7.08
Ex Vat: £8.17
Ex Vat: £8.34
Egee Gloss swimming pool exterior mosaic tile from the Harmonie range of waxman Ceramic products...
Ex Vat: £6.82
The Lugano Moscato glass mosaic comprises 324 individual tiles each measuring 20x20mm onto a mesh..
Ex Vat: £1.41
Ex Vat: £2.79
Camelia Gloss Swimming Pool Exterior Mosaic Floor Tile. Made by Waxman Ceramics in the Harmonie r..
Ex Vat: £7.08
An attractive sky blue mosaic highlighted with white speckles that appear throughout the body of ..
Ex Vat: £1.41
Ex Vat: £3.50
The Shiste Gloss Swimming Pool Exterior Mosaic Floor tile is obtainable through Mosaic Tile Suppl..
Ex Vat: £6.82

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